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Low and Medium Altitude Long Endurance UAV

Long Endurance

SolarXOne has unique capabilities that enable it to stay airborne for many hours bringing key advantages to any ISR (Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance) mission. The extended time on station can enable and enhance additional mission scenarios.


« Noise is waste of energy » - Due to its advanced and highly efficient electrical propulsion system, SolarXOne is near silent and low profile. It remains indistinguishable to ambient noise at an altitude of 100m. Without traditional engines its IR signature is significantly reduced. The small scale makes it also difficult to be detected by radar, while still packing a class leading sensor payload, tailored to clients day/night requirements.

BVLOS communication

SolarXOne embeds BVLOS communications devices and dedicated radio link communications allowing data transmission of full HD videos up to 80km in LOS.

Quick to deploy

SolarXOne can be deployed and airborne with the proprietary catapult system in less than 30 minutes, utilising only two operators. The take-off and the landing zones are short with a take-off and landing speed of less than 30kms per hour.


XSun is running missions under SORA approval. The key avionics systems are DAL-B certified to ensure the highest level of quality and reliability.

Unique payload capabilities

SolarXOne can utilise 5-8 kgs of sensor payload allowing it to carry 3 axis gimbals for day/night vision and automatic detection systems with multiple cameras.
long endurance

Long Endurance

12 hrs flight - 600 km


Less 42dB @ 200m
ready to flight

Ready to flight

30 min
low maintenance

Low maintenance

Full electric, solar recharge
global coverage

Global coverage

SATCOM, Cell, Radio


Save 4 Tons/day CO2


FTS / Parachute

5kg payload

200 W, 250 dm3



Continuous Monitoring Solution

A scalable multi-SX1 solution - Swarm of autonomous flying machines controlled from one system

Continuous Monitoring Solution

XSun a participé à l’opération I-NAVAL 2020

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