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Topography Mapping

Context of the mission

Geo4You is a private company dedicated to geodata production, delivery and geo-consulting. Altenburg-Nobitz airfield is one of the most important airfields for West Saxony and East Thuringia, Germany.

XSun has been mandated to map the Altenburg-Nobitz Airport by providing high-resolution RGB photos. During the mission XSun operated within the CTR of Altenburg-Nobitz. The produced very high resolution maps can be used for obstacle detection, inspection and 3D visualization.
May 2021, Altenburg (Germany)
Mission : high definition photos + orthophotos for obstacle monitoring and 3D data
2000 pictures taken / GSD = 1 cm
SORA approval / VLOS flight within CTR of Altenburg
1h30 flight
Payload : Sony α7R IV

The mission

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